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Poorly Bred Boxers

Just because someone tells you that a Boxer is AKC Registered doesn't necessarily mean that at the end of the day you will end up with a dog that actually looks and acts like a boxer.  All puppies are cute, nobody can deny that, however once your dog starts to grow and mature their features will become more prominent. A boxer is fully mature by age of 2, but typically by a year of age you can generally tell what you are going to end up with. Below are examples of dogs being shared on social media claimed as being "Boxers" and honestly even though I'm sure all of these dogs are very sweet and lovable they DO NOT represent the AKC Boxer Breed Standard. I highly encourage everyone wanting to own a boxer to please read the breed standard and understand what a boxer is suppose to look and act like. Finally keep in mind that a boxer that is built incorrectly will not move properly and overtime may develop joint aches, arthritis, back problems and other issues. Also if there hasn't been any health testing on the parents, you have no clue what type of genetics your dog has and could die of ARVC or SAS (common heart conditions in boxers) at a very young age leaving families completely heart broken. Typically if someone is advertising a boxer for under $1000, that would be a huge red flag to me. Your initial price may be lower, but keep in mind that you will most likely have a lot more vet bills over the life of the dog due to other problems because you get what you pay for. At Carbine Boxers we take careful consideration for each of our breeding choices and do the required health screens that typically plague boxers. Our pricing reflects this additional health testing, higher quality food, socialization, care and maintenance that our boxers receive. At the end of the day we want our families to have the healthiest, most well bred boxer as possible....Donna Carbine


This boxer's head, nose, muzzle, snout is all wrong. It's snout is entirely too long and narrow, bite is not undershot and DOES NOT represent what a boxer head is suppose look like.

More Examples of Incorrect Boxer Heads and Muzzles

Examples of Correct Boxer Heads and Muzzles

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