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SAS is Genetic. Boxers are either born with it or not. The disease can be detected with an Echocardiogram. We do echo's on our boxers between 12-18 months old.   Donna Carbine

ARVC is Genetic. Boxers are either born with it or not.  The problem is that it may not show up until a boxer is around middle age. The disease can be detected with a 24 Hour Holter Monitor. We do annual holters on our boxers.   Donna Carbine

How Many Breeders are Testing for the NEW ARVC-2 DNA Test?

"In an exchange with Kate Meurs she shared there are fewer genes in dogs than in humans. She did not give an indication of how many. I am working toward all my dogs being tested. Stud dogs results, if they have been done, are shared on my web site. Logic tells me that even though the test is new, all of us, especially long time breeders, will have had positive dogs in the past; they just were not known. Holters and Dopplers still being the definitive testing IMO while working towards ARVC-1 & ARVC-2 Negative. The breed could be in a precarious position, given we have no idea what percentage of dogs will test Heterogygous and Homozygous. If based on this gene test alone dogs are eliminated from our gene pool or those with negative dogs will not breed to Heterozygous or Homozygous dogs, with excellent Dopplers and Holters and longevity in their pedigree long term effects on the breed could be disasterous. When we know better we hopefully do better. The path is not abundantly clear at this time IMO."     Cheryl Cates, Well Respected Breeder

"I will slowly start to incorporate the ARVC-1 and ARVC-2 DNA tests into my program, mainly for informational purposes. I will continue to depend on 24 Hour Holter Monitors and Echocardiograms in the parents of my puppies to make sound breeding decisions. The DNA tests are not 100 percent bullet proof in determining which dogs are at higher risk of ARVC, however I will strive to not breed ARVC Homozygous pups, which means they carry 2 mutations of the disease. "    Donna Carbine

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Degenerative myelopathy (DM)

70 Percent of Boxers are DM at RISK
30 Percent of Boxers are DM Carrier
10 Percent of Boxers are DM Clear

The DM test is not 100 percent bullet proof, it’s for informational purposes and I strive not to breed at risk puppies if possible. There are documented cases of DM Clear dogs who still expressed DM so the test isn’t 100% reliable. I haven’t had DM expressed in my line so I am not worried about it as much as I worry about a boxer with a bad heart or dying of cancer. I place more weight on heart testing the parents and staying away from lines with boxers who have died of cancer.  Cancers and bad hearts typically kill boxers way before DM were to set in. DM is considered an old man’s disease and if is going to be expressed it won’t happen until around the last year or 2 of life in a boxer. So just because a Boxer is DM at risk doesn’t mean they will actually get DM. There is more information regarding DM on here and also on the internet.   Donna Carbine

Thyroid Testing

Heart Testing

Controversies in Health Testing


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