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Don't ever put tape on too tight. Always leave part of the ear exposed to monitor for any type of swelling. Also monitor tape daily for any signs of rubbing or burying into the skin. If any of these are observed remove tape immediately and re-tape more loosely once trauma is under control. Do not put tape over damaged ear tissue or on an ear that is swollen. Give time for healing before re-taping. Failure to follow this advice could result in losing the entire or any portion of the ear tissue. Also always use a BREATHABLE (TRANSPORE) TAPE.

Cropped Ears

Natural Ears

Just looking at this picture above on the brindle puppy the tape appears to be too snug for my comfort level. I like the the looks of the tape looseness on the fawn puppy above this photo.


From the Peanut Gallery...

Those darn tips. I have found using 2" Transpore tape, cut about 3 inches long, spraying the bottom section that you first stick to the ear with Craft Glue, think Elmer's Spray Adhesive, and wrapping as shown will, given time, correct those lazy tips.

Do watch so the tape does not cut into the ear. Do not cup the ear as you tape, and be sure to start on an angle. Adjust the angle of the tape depending on where you need the most support. 

Transpore is great for show weekends without the glue to keep ears straight, but in this instance you leave on til it comes off. Repeat til ears stay straight.

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